Week 3 reflections on the new learning so far

I have taken up Sarah’s advice to consolidate, as the sheer volume of information that is out there (as demonstrated in the Did You Know 4.0) can be overwhelming and very tantalising, I certainly have the tendency to go down all sorts of interesting pathways, with the danger of ending up with nothing coherent or linked to my own goals. The classic self directed learning cul de sac!
So I have set smaller challenges
1) To be more strategic in my decisions of that aspects of the technology to use, rather than engage in wishful thinking. I need to be really clear about my who/what/why/when/where of using online technologies. Chromatics advice was useful here. I need to clarify my purpose, audience/participants/community. Nancy Whites advice on the communities/network distinction was also helpful. Much of my career has been within communities who identify with stronger ties, collaborative work and want to be part of a collective. Whereas network participants may be more comfortable with loose ties, with a commitment to the network but not necessarily individuals, this will inform my strategic planning. Like Chris, I was not entirely sure of her between spaces. But look forward to finding out more. Tantalisingly there were other short video’s by Nancy White but the download was too slow.

2) To develop the micro skills and keep them small and frequent to build up my skills. I realise that made a few promises on the last blog that have not been kept, so it is a matter of ‘be careful what you promise’. Thinking aloud in written form may not be the best. Accept the small successes, for example google reader turned out to be quite straightforward once I knew where to look and that it was possible. The opaque knowledge on the web is a fascinating thing, there is so much there, but unlocking its possibilities can be a challenge. Checking on blogs seems like a mixed blessing, I imagine to develop a relevant blog it would be a considerable time commitment. Sarah, I cant imagine how much time you must spend with your computer, or perhaps as you have shown us, you become more efficient with its use.

Unfortunately I wont be able to make it to Friday’s session, but I do hope that a recording will be available. Wishing you all another interesting and informative session on Friday.


About Imaginative Teaching

I am a professional development consultant, my work focusses on facilitation, workplace learning, project management and research in adult education.
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2 Responses to Week 3 reflections on the new learning so far

  1. The first 2 weeks of the course I was tearing my hair out – I thought I was never going to be able to maintain the level of time I was spending. But now I have myself organised and a system happening, I’ve reduced my time significantly. What you have to remember is spending time on my computer is my job…as a staff developer and consultant. I’d rather be here talking to you than watching crap TV.

    When people talk to me about the time I spend online, I always point them to the video that has Clay Shirky talking about time – I found it to be extremely thought-provoking and changed my thoughts about learning:


  2. Katherine says:

    I loved reading this blog; it made me think about what happens to me when faced with the scale of information and opportunity that is “out there” in the virtual world. One can’t see the woods for the trees, don’t know where to start… don’t know where to stop! … and I don’t think we’ve seeing the half of what’s possible with technology. Sometimes reflect… fantasize… by imagining what technololgy might do with learning tools in the future, and whether/how ready I’d be for it. (Imagine a classroom like Elluminate, but instead with a holographic interface, imagine… )

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